Orientation or Preference?

A major belief of those who hate or fear lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trans-gendered people is that sexual identity is a choice, or at least is subject to psychological influence. They are convinced that what they consider “deviant” sexual identity may be corrected through determination, prayer, therapy, a healing touch or some other instrumentality. The corollary to this principle is that the LGBT community is bent on turning “straight” people gay. The idea that sexual identity is malleable is absurd. Gay people are neither susceptible to, nor capable of, conversion.

To reach this conclusion, I only had to look inward. I have always had a strong sense of my sexual identity. There is no way that I could be persuaded, threatened, cajoled, browbeaten, or bribed into changing my sexual identity. Sexual identity is a matter of orientation, not preference. A person is AC, DC, or AC/DC because that is how the person’s brain is hard-wired. Although I never doubted that I was right about this, recent news reports have provided proof.

Chris Birch, a beer-swilling Welsh rugby player suffered a stroke. When he woke up, he found that his sexual orientation had changed from hetero- to homo-sexual. “The Telegraph,” April 17, 2012. Rugby Player Happier Gay. If a physical change in the brain can cause a change in sexual orientation, whether one is gay or straight is clearly not a matter of choice or external influence.

This case proves, “You are what you are and you ain’t what you ain’t.” A person’s sexual orientation is subject to change, but only by an accidental physical change in the brain. Religious zealots can stop trying to convert gays and homophobes can stop worrying that gays will convert them.


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