Second Case of Measles in Michigan This Year

This week, the second case of measles in Michigan this year was big news.  For someone who remembers when nearly everyone contracted measles at some time in his or her life, this is almost as amazing as cellphones with apps that start your car in the morning and close the garage door or adjust the thermostat from half a world away.

Measles, like mumps, is much less serious when contracted by a young child than by an adult.  Since the disease was so prevalent before the vaccination was developed in 1963, parents would send their children to visit friends who had the disease to avoid the possibility of an adult case later in life.  The relatively few adults who had never
had measles or mumps were very careful to avoid contact with anyone who might be contagious. The eradication of measles, mumps, polio and other diseases that plagued our species is due to widespread vaccination.  The rarity of measles is reflected in this table:

Now, foolish people who did not live in a time when these diseases were widespread refuse to vaccinate their children. One could almost wish that such airheads would contract one or more of the diseases that their children will risk. However, it is unlikely because they were vaccinated as children by their more responsible parents.

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